Amanda Burns

Location Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The Work
A short audio/visual piece consisting of moving image and text.

It will attempt to consider the teenage experience, and beyond: That search for creative/political expression and for acceptance, often difficult bedfellows, a search for acceptance while conversely presenting one's self as an outsider, an individual looking for a tribe.

Video footage will consist of a rapid edit of a collection of images from my Instagram phone app. The text is part of a speech given by Navajo spirit dancer Dennis Lee Rogers after a recent live performance of his spirit dance in the UK. The audio is a recording of break time in a high school, the sound of teenagers interacting with each other.

Artists Biography
Amanda Burns is an interdisciplinary artist from the UK. An MA degree graduate in Contemporary Fine Art Practice. Her previous career in fashion is a great influence; looking with a critical, political and personal response at deeply embedded, conventional, social ideologies and the effects this has on the individual.

Amanda's work aims to explore the body in all its complexities within social, cultural, political and personal frameworks. To celebrate the individual before the corporate standard dilutes all sub-cultural thinking and doing.

Her practice extends to covert, live 'non-performances' that lay somewhere between performance and political street art which is documented then re-presented using installation, print and digital media.

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