Angella-Dee Sherriffe

Cannonbury, Islington, London N1 UK

The Work
I have been photographing "The Pukes" for a couple of years now since I first saw them play at "The Annual Norf London Punks Picnic". They play Ukeleles and sing Punk songs really well. They are such fun to be around with. x xx

Artist's Biography
I have been living in London for 28 yrs. I was a serial squatter when I first arrived and ended up living with the Cornish punks. As time went by we cracked bigger and bigger squats and ended up with a very healthy punky music scene. Right through the 80's.

I broke my femur in 1990 and had to have my 1st hip replacement. I was given a council place on the ground floor of a terrace which is also in a park. Perfect place to settle and give up drinking. Yes, I was a street alcoholic/junkie by then!

In 2000 I started living in my true Gender and started transitioning from Male-Female. I decided to go back to college and restart my whole life.

I passed level 3 in Digital video production and from that experience I decided I wanted to study Photography. I got a place at London College of Communication to study professional practice (photography).

This was 3 yrs ago and life has never been so good. I photograph my life now rather than write my journals. Photography has took over my life, and I so love life now that I hope it shows through my photography!

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