Ant Phillips

London, England

The Work
Colostomy Del Mar - Written and performed by Ant Phillips, music by Stirfried Trax

Two Mixes - Ricsta and Justin Cookee

'Colostomy Del Mar is a bleakly hilarious vision of the MDMA generation with a 'cheeky half' soundtrack played to an empty warehouse on a skipping CD.'

'Rantidote' - In celebration of street poets

Artist's Biography
'When I woke up I was trendy' -

A comment on the vagaries of fashion and the gathering pace with which trends change.

'From machine-gun rants to blackly comic satire, Ant the Rant stands somewhere between stand-up comedy, poetry and John Cooper Clarke waiting for a blood test.'

Ant Phillips - AKA - 'Ant the Rant' began performing spoken word at the legendary Sunday evening poetry sessions at the Foundry in Shoreditch. He has appeared at spoken word evenings, comedy clubs, festivals, night clubs, bars and galleries all over London and across the country. He has had work commissioned by Radio 3 and Radio 4 and been published in several magazines. Cutting Tongues is his first collection available from


Colostomy mix1
Colostomy – Justin Cookee remix
When I woke up I was trendy