Band Of Holy Joy

London, United Kingdom

The Work
Beat The Devil Out Of Me An audio-visual tale of hate crime, abuse and prejudice with a distinct occult flavour. A narrative exploited by mainstream media, short lived and no sooner forgotten, erased from collective memory by a more horrific news item, neglected by most, accepted by some. This work creates a manufractured landscape where awareness versus ignorance and vision versus brutality. It is a reaction to contemporary culture and explores notions of personal freedom against collective ideas of honour and possession, spirited minds crushed by crude exorcism. The combination of text, digital film and musical soundscape not only produces this narrative but also in itself is an ensemble of ideas and influences taken from an array of artistic and cultural backgrounds to create a merged collective space where these encounters of intolerance can be explored.

Band Of Holy Joy on this recording are: Johny Brown, James Stephen Finn, Chris Brierley and Inga Tillere with Jon Clayton as a guest musician

Artists' Biography
Margin walkers and midnight drifters, Band of Holy Joy have wandered liminal landscapes of their own making for 3 decades now. The weirdness and wildness of the landscape they stagger through, the askew vision like a crash between Coleridge, Brecht and David Peace, the literary allusions and poetry, the strangeness of it all... Constantly interested in exploring underneath the surface of culture, drawing from the contemporary subcultures and countercultures, revisiting past in order to time travel forward.

The Band Of Holy Joy will be releasing a double cassette Tales From The City - a musical cut-up of today's newspaper headlines recycled live every Friday on Not Such A Nice Radio Show - their weekly slot on Resonance 104.4FM. A cultural piracy raiding doomed melancholy and gentrified mediocrity.

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