The Bombs of Enduring Freedom

Brighton, UK

THE BOMBS OF ENDURING FREEDOM is an audio visual project exploring the the modern world of terrorism, surveillance, and post-cold war U.S. hegemony.

THE BOMBS OF ENDURING FREEDOM mix the anarchy of punk, the brutality of Death Metal, the electronica of Drum'n'bass and Dubstep and the ambience of film soundtrack - utilising both original and appropriated-then-destroyed sounds and images.

(and all it's all fought out on some 24hr news programme, hosted jointly by Jeremy Paxman and David Icke).

THE BOMBS OF ENDURING FREEDOM were founded by James Fogarty, after a short-lived collaboration with artist James Cauty as 'Blacksmoke' (a.k.a The Blacksmoke Organisation).

THE BOMBS OF ENDURING FREEDOM's current base of operations is at 'The Council Flat of Mass Destruction', somewhere in the dank suburbs of Brighton.

All the music is FREE. Come and get it..

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Bombs Of Enduring Freedom – Prepare for Chaos-featuring Dark Ness