Bradford Bahamas

London, UK

Nitin Lachhani

Myself on Google Maps @ High St, Hornsey, London, N8

The Work
I am working on a body of work that draws from cybercrime, cyber terrorism and cyber warfare. I wish to show one component concerning cybercriminals recent experimentation into exploiting Smartphone users. Also included are elements of hacktivism, state espionage and theft of personal information.

I decided to submit audio and a supporting jpg which is a visualisation of the 6m52s sound. The audio is the raw data from an Android smartphone Trojan malware sample capable of breaking down the security of the handset. This gives the malware authors the ability to remotely control the handset. They can listen to calls, steal received/sent SMS, covertly send SMS, steal contacts and even turn on the microphone to listen to ambient noise in the environment. This is true phone hacking unlike the News International fiasco. Financial gain is usually done by making the phone text to their own premium rate numbers.

Artist's Biography
Lachhani's practice often involves transmuting phenomena through diverse processes such as re-purposing found electrical equipment, casting and 3D printing.



Listen to Data from Smartphone Malware