Calla Donofrio

Los Angeles, California, United States

Calla Donofrio is a 22 year old artist living and working in the Los Angeles area. Working primarily with collage/mixed media, ink drawing, and recently digital art, she has shown work in galleries in the US including: Los Angeles, CA; San Pedro, CA; Long Beach, CA; Torrance, CA; Redondo Beach, CA; Brooklyn, NY; and internationally in England and Canada. She has designed album covers and logos for a diverse variety of musicians worldwide, but is mostly known for her work with chillwave and early witch house artists. Calla has gained a wide online audience through websites like Facebook and Tumblr, as well as from her involvement with new fashion and youth culture.

My art isn't so much inspired by other artists as it is by my own interests in my daily life. I am interested in fashion, music, computer technology, creepy cartoons from Japan, and the minds of the people around me. In the past year and a half my work has been influenced by the medium in which it is presented (the internet) and the exchange that takes place between myself and other web users across the globe when they see and share my images on a digitally lit screen. I am fascinated by the massive world we have created through new social media, where we can be (what we believe to be) our true selves and explore our internal thoughts externally, and see that many of us have the same things on our minds.