Che Grant

Vag-tagging on the Southbank
Producer/Director/Editor Che Grant
Camera/Sound Krysten Resnick

This 3D graffiti vagina was made on the Southbank during the London Gay Pride parade 7th July 2012. Emma Buggy worked over six hours to sculpt this voluptuous vulva whilst parading youngsters, skateboarders, fellow graffiti artists and the general public interjected their questions and opinions, creating a plethora of colorful, passionate and inquisitive conversations around the making of the piece. Filmmaker Che Grant filmed the process and interviewed the public for his short documentary film (The I In Vagina) about Emma's work. These short clips have been extracted as a quick glimpse into the making and thinking behind the piece on the Southbank.

Emma Buggy
Emma buggy is a visual artist who engages with varying practices of the applied and plastic arts. She is currently living in London and working from her Brixton based studio and on the streets of London. After graduating from Wimbledon Collage of arts in 2007, Emma traveled to Australia where she completed an apprenticeship as a technical props artist with Big Kahoona Imagineering. Israel was her next destination, where she was actively involved in a number of artistic ventures. Her inquisitive exploration of making processes and materials lead her to work and teach at "The Jerusalem Ceramic Arts Center" whilst coordinating community arts projects with "The Jerusalem Theatre" and for "Mangina"(the Jerusalem community gardens festival). Emma has also continuously made art works for festivals such as "The Secret Garden Party" in Cambridge, the "Rainbow Serpent" festival in Australia and most recently "InDnegev" in Israel, where she both made large scale dessert sculptures from found materials and Co directed the making and curating of the festivals art works for the last two years.
Twitter: @EmmaBuggy1