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Kent based fairy, glitter and story fanatic. 90s gypsy girl of 23 abodes in 22 years. Travelling, meeting people and creativity in its purest birth: COMMUNICATION are my concrete inspiration. People are the most interesting books to read, I am a people's artist and a collector of stories. I have a deep interest in Art therapy and my work primarily represents every person left invisible,voiceless and unrepresented in society.I toy with stories from magic book child years and I toy with stories that take a more serious face to read and fully understand. Voila and twirls.Stars in my beard. Stars in my beard for you. Lets plait our beards for travel and pretend its not weird for a Space Cadet to regret their choice in Shampoo 'BABY BABAROO'. Colour choice. Maximise roots. Volumize. Are your new Hair Vitamins enough to Space Travel and say hello to Atlantis on the way? Cos you're worth it. And we'll fly with fisted fivers. 5,4,3,2,1,1. 9 and off. Gone where the Hob Goblins of Jabberwocky go below, below, below. As above so below... Bellow that from our Belly Buttons. When we clap,fivers flee, draw fantastic Silver Blood moi cherie. Unfold and open an ABRACAZEBRA twirl, tap, twirl to Origami People. Fond of Swans when they aren't difficult to fold, but you already knew that. Secret wisdom. Censorship sink, sink sink my ship. Shakespeare was and is a swan. Swan of Stratford Space and i'll say it forever.. Longer than our ticket to Space and that box in the corner reciting pythagoras theorem to The National Anthem. Hearting on without a Telephone, for every step of the journey said Llyods TSB. Just electric systematic dreams. Is it true? Yes it is. Marked Flamingo lover. Chaser in sequins please. Surreptitious hook... Logarism and Rhythm. Justify all actions of Carnivals & Compositional Caricatures with a Postage Stamp. Lick it and stick it. Bobby's on the beat, we're merely travelling don't arrest us.... Navy Frosted women. Little Understatements dressed as Wings. Do you feel all beautiful and refreshed now my Venus Vino? American Courts & Justice System. Its like watching Bay Watch. My Window likes Acid Rain Love Fox. Poignant Stain on my Carpal Brain. Dear BEAM.... Brain Electrical Activity Mapping does he positively charge your electrons with Swarovski Crystals? That well chuffled Mr Hans Dome, the Danish home builder, Who became the most hand some geodisic dome architect in the world of Eastern Cultured mushrooms.... Indeed it was said that Lewis Carroll believed Hans Dome to be descended from Ere herself long before Tom Cruise and David Ickle were 'kidnapped' by aliens with brains smaller than their own. Does a lizard stuck in my gizzard qualify me to sponsor Eddie Izzard in his marathon comedic and somehow tranny athletic tranny exploits?

' Ze end for now.

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