Díre McCain

Los Angeles, CA, United States


Never attempt to explain the unexplainable to those who wouldn't get it even if it were explainable, and unless an explanation is due, one shouldn't be asked to explain in the first place.

External criticism can frustrate and debilitate, but only self-doubt can annihilate. Desperation, vulnerability, and unwarranted guilt can cause people to unwittingly settle or betray themselves, often leading to prolonged or permanent spells of imprisonment. True consciousness - which is congenital, but tainted by the lifelong programming that begins at birth - can be both a means of escape and prevention. It merely needs to be (re)activated.

People who constantly adjust the way they treat blameless others according to their own moods are pernicious pathogens. Ugly emotions should only ever be directed at the actual source, whether it's another person or within oneself. Remember: Unless it's someone else's fault, it isn't anyone else's fault.

It's easy to be an armchair opiner/adviser, and just as easy to have a change of heart once you've been directly or indirectly subjected to whatever it is you're opining/advising about. And when it comes to healing psychological wounds, one size does not fit all.

The mainstream is like a rapacious empire. It invades and usurps then rapes and pillages until nearly every trace of purity, substance, and value has been depleted. Then it tosses back the defiled remains to the rightful owners and moves on to the next conquest. Complaining incessantly about art, literature, music, film, etc one dislikes seems terribly futile and counterproductive. The time and energy - both of which are subject to inflation - would be much better spent devouring and savoring what one does like, or focusing on one's own creative work. Not sure about you, but I could swear it was just 2002 the other day.

Living a lie is "living" while lying in repose - decomposition of the spirit is inevitable, only the soulless can endure unscathed.

Our social conditioning can be absurdly contradictory. The Employee Psych Evaluation is a superb illustration. Children are generally taught that in order to be "upstanding" members of "normal" society, they must tell the truth. Yet, as adults they're encouraged to do the opposite. In essence, prevarication is required to secure a "respectable" position.

Our society's perversion of numbers is getting increasingly more irrational and ridiculous, not to mention backward - age, weight, dollars, dates, etc misused as controllers, suppressors, even weapons. Standards that were humanufactured and adopted as gospel somewhere along the way. "Civilization" functioning on autopilot again. Nearly everything our modern society believes in and does is based upon a load of crap some dead people made up, often eons ago. As soon as people realize that, their minds will be freed, allowing them to clearly and thoroughly ponder how they truly feel about any given situation.

Artist's biography
Díre McCain is a five-dimensional creature who fell through a Lorentzian traversable wormhole into a three-dimensional universe, landing on what was, at the time, the second rock from the Sun. After a nebulous sojourn in the Zone of Avoidance, while trapped in a self-induced state of suspended animation, she was unwittingly converted into a transportable energy pattern and ultimately rematerialized on 21st century Earth. She "suffers from" Aboulomania, Planomania, Eleutheromania, Habromania, Hydrodipsomania, a severe case of Logomania, and innocuous Daddy Issues. She possesses a ridiculous number of utterly useless skills, including the mythical mantic Seventh Sense, which is merely another of myriad delusional beliefs. She's the Publisher/Editor of Paraphilia Magazine, an online arts and literary journal, and can also be found loitering at Sensitive Skin Magazine.

The work
When I signed up for Facebook on March 22, 2008, I was prompted to fill in an "About Me" section. I instinctively began to type what I think reveals far more "about me" than any traditional CV ever could. Which got me wondering, yet again, why our society places so much importance on statistical and symbolic crap that says very little about someone's true character and value as a human being. Decalogomania is a moderately revised collection of musings originally posted on Facebook, during my four plus years as a member. It's important to note that my thoughts - both in cyberspace and the "real" world - are almost always expressions of longstanding beliefs. I generally avoid impulsive, purely emotion driven outbursts that are probably only relevant to how I'm feeling at any given moment.