Urban glass artist & freelance contemporary art curator at kgb-projects

The work
'Claustro-Phobia' 2012 Crystal glass, spray-paint, metal & found objects
Life-size from USSR cold war child gas-mask

As an iconic and evocative object, the gas-mask addresses a 21st century urban condition. Claustro-Phobia speaks of children growing up in an urban environment that is embedded in violence, filth and poverty. There are no children here...there are no children playing as the urban environment is suffocating their childhood.

Artist's biography
Describing herself as an 'Urban Glass Artist', Dutch born Gonny van Hulst AKA GonnyGlass, is taking traditional glass techniques to new artistic levels and the 21st Century. With a fascination for street art subculture and its context within the urban environment, she has developed her own distinct style.

Having moved to London a decade ago, Gonny found herself inspired by the random, absurd chaos and diversity of urban life. Finding beauty in urban decay, she set about translating this to her multimedia artworks, focusing on glass, a material that in itself is very much representative of urban life.

Interested in the experimental possibilities of kiln-cast glass and printing on glass, she combines this ancient and versatile medium, using a variety of different processes and other materials, to make work that is dynamic and thought-provoking.

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