Hilary "Chlliary" Patenaude

Augusta, Maine, United States

Artist's biography
After 2 years of studying in Brooklyn, Hilary Patenaude currently lives in Augusta, Maine, a small town where she lives in contrast to and realizes her fashions and styles, and studies cosmetology. Using clothing, cosmetics, hair color, and fake animal tails in new and unusual ways, she reinvents herself on a daily basis in new and original ways. Hilary documents her looks with the camera, edits the images, and shares them with an embracing world wide audience. In her home town, she gets grief for using her appearance as a means of expression, as it attracts attention from those who do not know how to relate to the unconventional use of style.

The only good lighting in my room is right in front of the window, so I take comic books, magazines and books and stack them up on my desk (in front of the window), prop my laptop up on top of them and take several pictures and from there I pick the few that I like the most and edit them.

I think fashion and style is just another method for human expression. There will always be some outside fashion and style influence, but i think it's best to rely on yourself and what you want to wear.

If you see something you enjoy and you want to incorporate it into an outfit somehow, go for it! But pleeease do not rely on other people to form and decide your fashion sense. I think too many people do. Everywhere you look are "motivational" messages motivating you to "be yourself". But where do people draw the line here? There is such a push in modern society to impress other people and be on the top, that people tend to sacrifice who they really are in order to obtain the approval of the mob mentality of society.