Isobel Naylor

Sheffield, UK

The work
The work explores the sub culture of both Burlesque and Cage dancers, shot in Camden circa 2008 at The Burlesque Festival and The Electric Ballroom. The photos highlight an area of Camden that is not often documented due to photographic restrictions put in place by clubs. Low camera angles are used to give to create a voyeuristic quality which is imposed upon the viewer and the bold bright colours give the work an eye catching quality.

The lighting for the dancers is somewhat uniform and seems reminiscent of the Red Light district of Amsterdam. The photos are inspired by Frank Miller's 'Sin City' comic books, which use bright bold colours and harsh shadows to give the impression of a world of the night.

Artist's biography
Isobel Naylor is a Photographic Artist living and working Sheffield but born and raised in Hale, Cheshire. She graduated from Westminster University with a BA (Hons) in Photographic Arts in 2009 and has had exhibitions throughout London including Tracey Moberly's gallery The Foundry in Shoreditch and The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. Isobel has an interest in anything a little different, exploring the unexplored. In her previous work this has led to experimentation with light, the psyche and visualisation of hallucinations. Currently Isobel is working on a book entitled 'Dr Chameleon', which was written by her father whilst he was suffering with a brain tumour back in 1994 . Isobel has recently completed a course Medical Terminology which she intends to use to pursue a career in Clinical Photography.