Jason Carr

Berkeley, California, United States

Artist's biography
Jason Carr is a Detroit, MI native and currently resides in Berkeley, CA. He is a composer, producer, pianist, and music theorist. He has spent many years immersed in the electronic music scene in Philadelphia, PA as a DJ and live performer. He has toured South America and the Dominican Republic with BoanDanz Action as its musical director. His debut solo effort, "Athletic EP" on Great Circles, represents a new approach to rhythmic counterpoint in the typical techno EP. His current project _moonraker (of which he is one half) combines elements of Sun Ra, ghetto house and noise music into a live, improvised musical experience.

The work
"No Dividing These Fingers" The principle of Oneness (light) and the affirmation of life can overwhelm the human impulses of intolerance, discrimination and violence (darkness). Creative passion is gift from Oneness; it is a medium of acceptance and affirmation, and it represents a spritual foundation for those who accept this passion as a gift.

Music and video concept by Jason Carr. Video execution by Todd Steponick.


Video by Todd Steponick
Location: Tabernacle, New Jersey, United States

Todd Steponick bio:
Todd runs and produces music on Batona Music, a net label for the local and weirder kinds of electronic music of a somewhat desolate tract of forest known as the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Via his freelance design company, Nice Looking Designs, he creates logos and illustrates album covers for independent bands on both side of the Atlantic in electronic music, street bass, grindcore, hardcore and metal. Todd creates visual identities and websites for small businesses involved in renewable energy. Recent video production includes work for Alka, Jason Carr, Cloud People, and At Work. Video is underway for Colin Angus (formerly Pablo Sandoz, Shamen) and Indidginus of South Africa. A movie about Cloud People is set to be completed in late 2012 after 4 years of production, filmed entirely in the solitude of the Pine Barrens across the seasons. Todd Steponick lives in Tabernacle New Jersey, with his kind, supportive parents, and performs most activities from his studio/parents' basement and surrounding forests.