Jason Eric Young

Originally from New Jersey, United States. Currently transient.

The work
A Fox in the Arctic Oil Fields
He only takes pictures so that his mother can see the places that he visits. He worries that he would make his mom sad if he didn't take a few pictures to show her.

Artist's biography
Boredom is the dominating feature of Jason Eric Young's life and he is, as ever, coping with this. Raised in (and repelled by) a rural part of New Jersey riddled with suburban teen gangsters and their Republican parents. Finally he escaped over horizons, working on cargo ships and circumnavigating the globe several times.

Vague ideas about reading classic literature and traveling around the world creep into his head from time to time in the slight hope that maybe he will stumble onto some sort of great knowledge about the world. This generally does not seem to happen, of course. Cleaning heads, swabbing decks, watchstanding and engineering now finance his personal travels alone.

So far this year he has been to Europe, Arabia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Alaska on ships.

He is currently planning to travel around the world again alone after his next ship.