Jewels Johnson

Fledgling Arts Collective

The artist
Founder of Fledgling ArtsCollective/Artistic Director, Editor, Poet, Artist, Outreach, PR & Events, published Poet and have exhibited my art both locally, nationally and internationally.

I eat poetry for breakfast, lunch and tea and concise 'beats' for snacks in between ;-)

I love all artistic areas and am a Poet & Artist

I have a PhD in Gender Studies & Film and a BA in Art History & Art

I believe that creativity is not about academic education, it is something that is outside of all of the rules and regulations of convention and institutions. It is something that is inside us to be expressed and shared.

Window Pane Tate Modern

I have suffered from mental health issues over the years, I am BiPolar, was completely agoraphopic for 10 years, I was a recluse, I have had two nervous breakdowns. I have experienced the depths of darkness and sunk to lows I had never imagine possible. But each time I have begun to sink since, through the arts I have found it easier to find my way out and a glimmer of light that gradually bathes me in beams.

I have found the arts to be a fantastic therapy and so cathartic.They have always been my sanctuary a place to sink into ,immerse myself in. Our Creativity is such a sub-conscious thing and therefore taps into many areas that we don't directly have access to. I started to think how great it would be to make a place for people to come together and create, collaborate. I would love to create a Beat Re-Generation!

My other health conditions are ...wait for it.... a rare auto-immune system disease ( I am currently being researched!) M.E , Narcolepsy, Epilepsy and symptomatic M.S.

I want the collective to spread and perpetuate a vibe where Creativity is perhaps the greatest form of expression and where we can become unified.

Let's start a (peaceful & utterly arty) revolution! :-)

Believe In Love Tate