KD Cyr

Green Bank, New Jersey, USA

Artist's biography
KD Cyr lives in a remote area of New Jersey that is known as the Pine Barrens. She has been creating ever since she was a little girl and is grateful that art plays such a big part in her life. KD's inspiration stems from life, death & rebirth, parapsychology, B movies, anatomy, vintage sleaze and nature. She is also an avid crafter and jewelry maker and sells her creations on her web shop, 1692 Creations.

I wanted to combine an ancient pagan aesthetic and keep the environment natural but still keep a rock-n-roll edge to everything. To me, that's what a punk or a goth is; they capture the ancient pagan spirit, misunderstood by the Christians trying to convert the old time religions. The Christians, to me, symbolize those against subcultures, the fear and anger they have towards them caused by their own ignorance, when in reality these "freaks" are just a wonderful group of beautiful free thinkers that will continue to blossom using art and expression as a guiding light.

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