Ki Ra

London, UK

Artist's biography Ki Ra (Kira Zhigalina) was born in 1987, in Moscow, Russia, and lives and works in London, UK.

She takes an aesthetic and intuitive approach in her work with an intention to create a visual language that will communicate on an emotional level. Her work concerns with exploring conscious and subconscious appreciation of forms, and visualizing the space in between, where archetypes feed into representations.

Ki Ra works in a variety of medium including film, video, sound, performance, print, installation, and holographic projection. Ki Ra has created visuals and installations for London Zoo, Secret Cinema, and Musion, as well as for opera productions, clubs, and music artists in London, Tokyo and Moscow. Exhibitions include Onedotzero at BFI, London, Moscow Biennale and a solo exhibition in Tokyo.

Ki Ra won the Kinetica Award 2012, and Award for Performance at MAMAs 2010, and was in the top ten nominees for the Randstad Gold VJ Award in 2010.

The work
"Anima Mundi" (2012) is originally a holographic visual performance exploring the archetypal nature of time within the nature's rhythms. The dancer acts out his evolution starting from the first breath, and like an alchemist, he gives birth to nature's elements to form the world around him.

"Ephemeral Lightness of Being (" (2011) is an improvised holographic performance. The piece explores the concept of the self in its different levels, such as human energy field and the human emotional journey that exists as a shape-shifting color light trail, temporarily created in collective space. The work meditates on the original state of nature that is driven by chaos, organizing into fractal beams of consciousness.

"A New Morning Will Come" (2010) is a music promo video for Polar Bear. The video forms a visual landscape of evolution and an image of the world in constant construction and destruction. The main four archetypes used are cell, sun, egg and the eye: as the four creators of the world on different levels of interpretation.

"Microcosm" (2010) follows the embryonic development of Potosi Pupfish, which is extinct in the wild due to coastal development and drought. It is a microcosm of the fragile nature of life and our planet, showing the beauty of nature from a primordial perspective that is yet beyond the world where the planet is deteriorating because of climate change and human influence.

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