Lara Celenza

London UK

The work
A tragic chanteuse finds her political conscience into the mirror. A whip-wielding dominatrix dances on the ruins of a wounded capital. An ethereal creature from deep space weaves a network of virtual body parts.

Guided by the memories of German singer Antje Palka, we embark on a visual and conceptual journey that will take us from the gravest atrocities of World War II to the darkest recesses of cyberspace.

I think about D.I.V.A. as a 4-step journey to Altermodernity, the place (in the words of Nicolas Bourriaud) where one's own roots are mobile and temporary. The image of the diva - woman, artist and performer - is stateless, fragmented and contradictory. We follow Antje as she travels from the disquieting intimacy of her boudoir to the anti-local dimension of Cyberspace. The moving images evoke a powerful creative force that gradually frees itself from the constraints of country and ideology, becoming the ultimate global hybrid.

Artist's biography
Lara Celenza was born in Vasto (Central Italy) in 1982. BA Modern Languages, University of Bologna 2006. MPhil Russian Studies, University of Cambridge 2007, specializing in Russian and Soviet film. Directing Diploma, Raindance Film School London, 2008. In August 2010, her first short - dark comedy "Delphina" - was awarded a prize at the Vasto Film Festival. She is the founder of Kalifilm Productions. Her latest projects include the daring experimental project "Mirages" (with a soundtrack by jazz musician Vittorio Sabelli) and the video art piece "D.I.V.A.". In May 2011, "D.I.V.A." premiered at the New Media Film Festival 2011 in Los Angeles, paving the way for international distribution.

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