Maya Moksha (aka MME AAMY)

San Francisco, California, United States

The work: Moksha Moda
(to the Maya Moksha song, "Sexy Shadow Shoes")

Artist's biography
As an artist--a creative individual--it can be scary to bare your heart on your sleeve. However, we must, so that we can show the way for the future. I am incredibly grateful for artists that are 100% their self. By adopting characteristics of true artists like Amy Winehouse (I miss you Amy), and ACTING AS IF, I have found the strength to share my own voice and point of view. It is the first time that I have emulated an artist hero in the flesh. I have been attending shows, studying techniques, and documenting the performer's shine via photos and illustration. Now that I have built a living character named Mme. Aamy, I have learned the confidence to be myself--Maya Moksha, Michelle Adrianna Torres-Harris, Michelle Valencia, etc. etc. I am the same body & soul at the core no matter what anyone chooses to call me. My side-kick pup Pixie (named after the band), also know as Thee World's Tiniest Pony, has given me support during my first year living on my own. She makes me come home and keep some sort of routine so that I can succeed in this Wild World. She shares her Pixie Power with me on a daily basis. Please enjoy this collection of art and documentary of life that exemplifies the individual in this age. Corporate cyclist ninja by day, and disco divalicious by night. Let's continue to be ourselves by doing whatever it takes to get there.

Me n Pixie

Statement I'm inspired by the light that shines from the performer and the way they style themselves to obtain visual and audio cohesion. These are among some of the performers I admire, and I study them through illustration and painting.

Instagram & Twitter: @mayamoksha