Michael Cousin

The artist
Michael Cousin is a moving image artist based in Wales, UK. He is the Founder and curator of Outcasting an online moving image gallery and is currently Freelance Curator at g39 in Cardiff. He is also an Artist Member of the Contemporary Art Society, London and is represented by Mermaid & Monster, Cardiff. He studied for his degree at Solent University then moved to Cardiff to study for his Masters at UWIC. He lives in Cardiff.

The work
I Met Your Absence
/ 2012 / Duration 6m 38s / Audio work
This narrated audio work is compiled from phrases and sentences culled from hundreds of spam emails and spambots. All of the phrases were selected for their failure to communicate their intended message, the points where the senders' grasp of English collapsed their con-trick into something more profound or otherworldly. A sermon, a parable, drawn forth from a place where there was nothing of the kind.


Met Your Absence Final