Nurcan Özdemir

Istanbul, Turkey

The work
The photos are portraying transvestites in Istanbul, Turkey. A complex topic in the not always so liberal city of Istanbul. The government is trying to clean up the streets of the city by pushing the unwelcomed ones into ghettos where there is nothing left for them. There they are living day by day amidst the dangers of prostitution, drugs, violence and humiliation. This is an attempt to open eyes for a wonderful and fragile group of people who are taking on unbelievable burdens in order to simlpy stay true to themselves and listen to what their hearts say. Standing strong like a rock with warm hearts and sharp minds in a society that does not even count them as humans. Never forgot how to love and being loved. The story came into existence as part of RENEGAT, a magazine I created about outcasts of society.

Artist's biography
I am a Freelance Journalist from Munich, Germany. Through my Turkish roots I've always had two hearts beating in my chest. I am a writer and a documentarian and have mainly worked from all over Germany, as well as The United States (New York & Washington D.C.). I like to find and capture my stories all over the place. Over the years I have specialized in society-related and cultural topics. Also, in the past I have created my own magazine called RENEGAT. A print magazine that comes alive through Augmented Reality by combining written articles with film. It's a magazine about outcasts of society - to bring people together and open doors to a world you haven't seen before. I love people. I love sharing their life stories.

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