Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

The work
this is all that remains of a laptop lost during a musically productive summer. like a traditional work of art, it cannot be modified, nor recreated. it is simultaneously extinct and timeless.

Artist's biography
if it does not bleep, syncopate, and otherwise cut through the drudgery of formulaic guitar-based alternative rock, and everyday life, i am just not that interested. i was initially attracted to electronic music, like a rare earth magnet to sheet metal, for this very reason, and i continue to ask: what would kraftwerk / autechre / orbital do?

we are over a decade into this millennium and yet still we are burdened by centuries-old problems for which simple technological solutions exist. we desperately need this music, borne of that technology, to remind us of what is possible, if we only release our death-grip on convention.


Fall Together