RockIt! Belly Dance

Manchester, UK

Emma Bates and Saskia Ravenscroft

The Work
RockIt! is a unique style of belly dance designed to reflect the music we dance to - ROCK and METAL!

Inspired by our dance training and love of rock music, we created RockIt! to enable ourselves and others to express themselves through dancing to music that excites them. The alternative nature of our act always attracts a rock crowd who may not have been interested in dance had it not been for the music. But with the addition of bands like Tool, Corrosion of Conformity and System of a Down, we've entertained and converted the pierced, the studded and the long-haired.

Our technique combines the best of belly dance with a modern twist, displaying a style that is large and loud, just like the music we dance to. Energetic and exciting, RockIt! Belly Dance creates a visual spectacle that cannot be rivalled.

Dressed in unique, warrior woman costumes we love nothing more than to dance like our lives depend on it. Having worked with bands on music videos, rock nights and corporate events, we're delighted to be part of 'Tweet-Me-Up!' in honour of Sophie Lancaster.

Our contribution to 'Tweet-Me-Up!' is a music video we recently produced for Scottish rock band Estrella's cover of 'Do it til we Drop'. We shot this video in front of some beautiful graffiti in Chorlton, Manchester. It's a hidden gem in our community and our favourite location for video and photo shoots.



Music by Estrella