Sarah Harper

Plumstead, London, UK

The work
The self-portrait was part of a collection which was destined for use as profile pictures/ avatars for social media networks.

The photographs of 'Steve White & The Protest Family' were taken from various gigs including fundraisers for the Fire Brigade Union and Camden Calling.

Artists biography
My name is Sarah Harper; bad girl done good (with just an occasional hint of naughtiness). I am a pescatarian, a muse to the Sarcastic Fringehead, a yummy mummy to a bouncing boy, and a bundle of loveliness topped off with a cowgirl hat. I love to love, and my baby just loves to dance. I believe in direct protest, workers' rights, socialism and a fair society. I am as honest as the day is longer than the shortest day. I love being an event organiser extraordinaire, amateur photographer, and an avid fan of the alphabet.

'It' may not be big and clever, but I am...

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Pay Your Tax – Steve White and the Protest Family