Susan Martin

Greater London

The work
Ceilings is a photographic interrogation taking the viewer from one space to another as an experience of perspective and pixel. Each current Ceiling; the hallway, the library, the attic and the cafe, a mixture of private, shared and public spaces has a psychological sense; perspectives seen in another space, where the photographic content show part of the view. The work looks towards new structures, narratives and a new way of thinking whilst playfully enjoying light and colour.

Additionally, to put this simply, as I realise the impact of media and social conditioning, I find it frustrating that there are those people who appear limited in their thinking and that there are those who I wish would try and learn to understand each other more. Positively, change is always becoming.

Artists biography
Susan Martin is an artist practising photography for over 20 years. She investigates the process and medium of photography to explore dimensions, structures and new narrative; an explorer of light and colour. Susan is currently exhibiting as part of Artefacts of Failure at Quad, Derby.