ton ton - Elisa Kriezis & Rodrigo Pinto

Countries of origin
Brazil, Greece, Germany

Work locations
Copenhagen/Denmark & London/UK

The work

Violence and happiness in urban environments, as atavistic, primitive states of human being, are focal to Elisa's and Rodrigo's work. In their work tolerance is seen as a necessary step towards coexistence. Necessary but not sufficient. The short film 'This is not a document' reflects on the violent aspect of human nature, and sets up an imaginary 'neo-commun-capital-ist' ambience in Copenhagen and London, inspired by passages of George Orwell's '1984' and Truffaut's 'Fahrenheit 451'. Here, diversity is considered as the only escape from violent human nature and the social phenomena of exclusion, mob behaviour, greediness and totalitarianism. The multiple faces are the only actual libertarian landscape amidst the cities' progression in which Love is ignored as the unique expression of the only God: the Human Being.

Artists' biographies
Elisa Kriezis and Rodrigo Pinto are partners and are producing audiovisual material together under the name Ton Ton.