Tracey Moberly

South Wales and London

The Work
I have brought in elements of underground or undercurrents subcultures and counter-cultures tthat teeter on the mainstream. For this project I have used a mobile phone and social networking. The overall project information on Tweet-Me-Up! can be found on the website - informing how it was designed, created and implemented.

My contribution to the exhibition/installation is made up of instagramed mobile phone images and digital camera photography, titles include

  • East Siberian metal teeth
  • Sex Shops & Prositutes
  • Plugholes
  • Manholes
  • Shadows
  • Sick

Some explore the undercurrent of society and the subcultures that we see everyday often without realizing or thinking about. Others look at the mystical value of the underground.

Artist's biography
As a socio-political artist & author my work is multi-disciplinary working in cross-platform format. Working with new technology I focuses on the potential social and political aspects of the tools and software I use also bringing in traditional methods. I am fortunate to travel extensively with my work and enjoy working with different people and cultures. My artwork has been selected to profile a number of topical but difficult to approach activist campaigns. Whilst in some of these my work has been used indirectly to publicise issues often fighting directly on behalf of an issue, using art as activism.


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